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Create your own talent pipeline. Quickly.  

With your company, we’ll develop training partnerships to build your own workforce. New, entry-level and incumbent employees can learn skills you need when you need it. Today. Because our certifications take as little as five months. 


Our curriculum is industry-aligned.

We’re constantly calibrating to what industries and, in turn, companies like yours needs. 

Discover a diverse workforce

There is overlooked talent in our community, right here in Kansas City. We are committed in supporting our students and preparing a trained talent pool for our partners.

Want to influence our coursework?

Reach out to Skilled KC and provide your expertise about your industry.

All Skilled KC students learn more than coursework.

We embed employability skills in all of our curriculum. See what our students gain.






Effective Communication


Flexibility and Adaptability


Engage in analysis

Dealing with uncertainty

Observation skills

Reflective learning engagement

Recruit and work with others as a reliable team member